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Autobot Rad: Action Master!
Terran date: January 21st, 2007.

To: Autobot Prime Rodimus Prime

Medical Log For Terran Date January 21, 2007
Log Author: Chief Autobot Medic First Aid
Subject: Current Medical Status of Non-Cybertronian Abductees

On Terran Date January 9, 2007, reports were sent in from Terran broadcast centres that most of the abductees from Earth had been found and returned to their homes, albeit in a very peculiar physical state. Human medics were unable to explain the causes of their subjects' injuries, and on Terran Date January 15, 2007, I recieved a request from one of the human medics serving the Terran city known as Portland, to see if I could provide input, as initial examinations suggested that the abductees were subjected to medical proceedures of a very advanced technological nature, and they believed that, as an Autobot from an "advanced technological civilisation", I would be able to give an expert analysis.

My formal analysis was that the abductees had been subjected to some kind of biomechanical experimentation, conducted on a scale too advanced for current Cybertronian technology, and by an individual or individuals with both access to and the willingness to use such technology for such purposes known only to them.

I concluded that there was little else I could ascertain from the abductees' physical states, as my area of expertise is not in human medicine, and that it may be possible for the abductees to recover their former physiological conditions with time and treatment, and that I wished them success in this area.

I only wish I had an answer for the complete mind wipe of the abductees. Whoever conducted these experiments clearly wanted to ensure that they were never identified by their subjects, and erased all memory at all levels of consciousness and subconsciousness, leaving the subjects able to perform only basic biological functions.

Whoever or whatever is responsible for this, we may never know. They have made sure of it.

Addendum: Personally, I think this is going to be the start of a lot of tension and strife between Autobots and humans in the days and weeks to come.
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Autobot Rad: Action Master!
24 October 2009 @ 04:33 pm
Terran date: January 5th, 2007.

As inceptions went, this latest one had a very subdued air about it.

Those who had been invited to witness it had very little to say, their thoughts elsewhere. For the humans, that meant thinking about Earth and the situation brought up.

For the Autobots, their thoughts extended further than that. Out to planets like Nebulos, where the inhabitants had begun reporting their own wave of abductions.

And as before, still no one knew who or why this was even taking place at all.

As much as they wanted to deal with it now, it had to wait. The promised inception was beginning, the systems impassively announcing each stage as it came.

It was the only source of steady dialogue in this strained moment.

Pity that it did not last long, as the computers announced that the incept was now finally out of stasis lock.

I can't get over just how strange a protoform he is, Rad thought to himself, giving the new Autobot the once-over. He looks like how I envision Ironhide or Bumblebee or even Optimus Prime to have looked before they acquired their alt modes.

Speaking of alt modes, the incept was even now being presented with an array of Earth and Cybertronian vehicles to choose from.

What was chosen in the end was a very military-looking Earthen fighter jet.

An odd choice, given how most of the selections were civilian in nature.

He didn't have time to mull over it, as now it was time to bestow the incept's name.

"And what do you wish to call yourself?" Rodimus had asked, once introductions were made.

"I am to be called 'Airlock'."

"Welcome to the Autobots, Airlock. Kup and Ultra Magnus will give you a tour of Iacon and Autobase."

"This way lad," said Kup eagerly, escorting Airlock out of the room, Magnus in tow, looking like he expected the old mech to start "educating" Airlock on the finer elements of war and military strategy.

Knowing Kup, that was very likely.

No matter. Now that the inception was done, Rad felt himself wishing he was somewhere else. The atmosphere had not diffused at all, and he was beginning to feel somewhat claustrophobic the more he lingered.

Spike and Sparkplug looked to be feeling the same way. They desperately desired to return to Earth; that was plain enough to see.


"Prime? Sir? If you don't need me here any more, I'd like to escort the Witwickys back to Earth?"

"Huh? Oh. Of course Rad. Please, go ahead."

How odd. Even Rodimus seemed to be desiring another place to spend time in.

"Take the space bridge home, if you want to get there quicker."

"Uh, sure Prime. Spike? Sparkplug?"

Without another word, they exited the lab. And straight to the nearest space bridge to the Witwickys off to Portland, to leave Rad behind with his thoughts.

Why, on this haloed occasion, do I feel like it's about to get worse before it gets better?
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Autobot Rad: Action Master!
"You're tuned to KGW-NBC! Portland's first choice in news!" said the voice-over.

Rad was still spending time at the Witwickys, enjoying some post-Christmas peace and quiet, now that the family was fully informed about the upcoming inception.

Relative peace and quiet. Daniel couldn't stop talking about it, and Carly couldn't stop trying to figure out what to wear, even though everyone human would be wearing exo suits to the event, rendering the debate over "the pink one or the blue one?" quite moot.

"Welcome to KGW At Six. Our top story tonight for Thursday, December twenty-eighth, 2006," the anchorwoman begain, "Mysterious abductions have been reported from across the globe."

Rad's attention, previously focused on events-to-come on Cybertron, was now fixed onto the anchorwoman.


"Thank you Sandy. Reports have come in from across the world tonight reporting a rash of mysterious abductions."

"Abductions?" repeated Carly.

"Shush. I want to hear this," said Spike. "Sounds pretty serious to be the lead story."

"Currently there have been no less than thirty-eight reported incidents of individuals going missing over the past three days. Authorities are at a loss to explain what's going on, though several terrorist groups in the Middle East are claiming responsibility."

"Figures. I'll bet it's the Carbombians," muttered Sparkplug.

"Dad, shush!"

"Meanwhile, back home in the United States, we have reports of about seven individuals on the list of the abductees. Two of them from Oregon state."

Everyone was sitting upright, now.

"Parents of one of the abductees, Mr and Mrs White, have been spending the last three days plastering missing person posters of their son Benjamin all over Portland, asking for his safe return."

"Benjamin? That's one of Buster's friends!" Carly exclaimed.

Now things were getting personal.

The scene cut to a video tape of Benjamin's parents in their living room, with Elizabeth crying and her husband Theodore pleading to individuals beyond the camera to help them bring their son home safely.

"Benny?" said Elizabeth in-between sobs, "If you're out there, please come home!"

The scene cut back to the news studio.

"Portland police have been called out to do a search of the county to locate Benjamin White, but so far without success. If anyone has any tips on his whereabouts, we ask you to please call our hotline. As always, our prayers and sympathy go out to—"

Dennis' voice cut short for a moment, then resumed.

"We've just received reports from Canada, the United Kingdom, and Argentina that five more people have been abducted, bringing the count of missing persons to forty-three. The situation appears to be getting more and more serious. We here at KGW-NBC will be keeping you posted throughout the broadcast as more news becomes available..."

Whatever else the anchorman said was drowned out by the voices of Rad and the Witwickys discussing everything they'd just heard, which included several hypotheses as to who or what was responsible for all the disappearances.

Sparkplug was in the middle of blaming the Carbombians with Carly saying that it had to be the Decepticons when the intercomm rang.

It had to be Rodimus Prime.

And since no one else seemed to be in a hurry to answer it [the discussion was devolving into an argument, now], Rad took it upon himself to take the call.

"I want you to return to Cybertron immediately. We've been monitoring Earth's broadcasts over the last three days, and we need everyone here to discuss it. It may be Decepticon activity behind all this."

Rodimus' expression was an "I expect full compliance here", and any protest Rad might've had died quickly.

"Yes chief."

"Rodimus out."

"Guys? I have to return to Cybertron. Right away."

The Witwickys didn't appear to have heard him.

"Guys? Guys? Oh Primus."

He decided to leave them a note. One way or the other, they'd get the message.

Meanwhile, he prepared himself for transit back to his home planet.

If the Prime himself wanted everyone home, the situation must be serious indeed.

And he'd be in for a very long meeting, if one was held.
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Autobot Rad: Action Master!
Christmas day at the Witwickys meant a lot of chaos and confusion. Though he'd done this several times before, especially after the birth of Daniel, he still found it to be a rather hectic event. There was Mass in the morning before presents [Sparkplug had insisted that they wait this year], relatives to visit, gifts to drop off, and last minute preparations of the turkey-and-tofu dinner to be prepared [some of Kelly's friends were vegetarians, and she herself was dabbling in the lifestyle], much of the preparations involving ways on how not to burn the tofu.

But by four o'clock, everyone was gathered about the tree in the livingroom, eagerly inspecting their presents, exchanging words of gratitude, and in general enjoying themselves.

In short? A perfect afternoon, if Rad would say so himself. Even if Daniel was responsible for about a third of the racket being made, and Sparkplug's old record player accounting for another third, just to ensure it was heard over the excited chatter.

Rad suspected he and Lionizer would go back to Cybertron slightly harder of hearing, if things continued as they were.

First Aid at least would take care of his audio circuitry, a perk humans didn't get to share in.

"More eggnog?" asked Buster. He'd come home three days ago, after spending the first half of the week with his college pals. "Plenty to go around." Then, in a lower voice, "As well as Granny Rose's fruitcake. Yuck."

"No thanks, I've had plenty."

More than plenty; they were making his fuel cells feel oddly sticky after being rendered in what had to be one of the most uncomfortable conversions he'd performed so far.

First Aid would have to look at that, too, and then mutter something about Rad cutting down on his sampling of human food items.

"Suit yourself," he said, looking a little crestfallen, then proceeded to make the rounds about the room, offering said drink to the others.

At that moment, a certain intercomm chose to ring, announcing there was a direct call from Cybertron. All the Witwickys had one, to keep in touch with events on Cybertron.

"I'll get it," said Spike, elbowing his younger brother. Even after all this time, they still found ways to bicker over who took the call.

"Rad? Rodimus just called. He's got a message for you."

As quickly as he could, Rad made his way over to the intercomm room without crushing anything more valuable than discarded wrapping paper [that Kelly was busy collecting for recycling or scrapbooking].

"Yes? What did he say?"

In a lowered voice [that wasn't really all that lowered, given the din], Spike delivered the message. "The incept is to be brought out of stasis lock on January fifth. And he wants the Witwicky family as well as you to be there to witness it."

"It is? He does?"

"Yes. I know it's sudden and my boss won't like it, but it's an invitation from the Prime himself. I just hope MacCabe will accept whatever I tell him when I tell him. You guys aren't exactly high on his opinion poll."

"Rodimus will explain it all to him if he gives you trouble," Rad said, trying to ease Spike's mind. When it came to MacCabe, the feeling of general dislike was mutual, and not through any fault of Rad's. MacCabe just didn't care for new fangled things like computers, cell phones and intergalactic robots. And Rad was certainly an intergalactic robot.

"That's what I'm worried about," he said as Buster headed his way, still bearing eggnog. He was quickly sent away with a "No thank you".

"I thought you liked that stuff," Rad said, puzzled.

"Not when Granny Rose makes it. Why do you think I stock up on antacids before Christmas comes?"

"Thought it was the daily dose of calcium that motivated you," Rad joked back. "Back to the family, and then dinner, if Kelly hasn't burnt the latest batch of tofu."

Laughter, both theirs and their family's, greeted them when they got back to the others. Happy laughter from all those gathered, before Kelly's head popped out from the kitchen.

"Dinner time, Witwickys!"

"All right!"

A mad scrum ensued as everyone tried to find a place at the table, still laughing and chatting away happily.

It was Christmas time after all, even with slightly scorched tofu.

A time to be with friends and family both old and new.

Tomorrow, once they were all told about it, they could worry about getting ready for the inception.
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Autobot Rad: Action Master!
This was not what he had wanted. He had fully expected the incept to be up and running by now, but it looked as though circumstances had changed.

But then, he was a being of chaos. Even his probability algorithms could never truly predict the unpredictable; all they could do was chart the most likely course of action.

And they were telling him now that the most likely course of action was that, if he wanted his prize, that he should move things along himself.

And all he needed to do to get what he wanted was to give the Autobots in charge of the incept a little ... nudge...

"We're not waiting for the others."

Rad had had to get Pincer to repeat these words several times. Each successive time brought him no closer to understanding them.

"Why are we not waiting for them? he asked, still rather stunned.

"What we're dealing with here is technology based upon properties of another universe. Properties we know nothing about. That's why we've decided to bring the incept out of stasis lock. We just don't know how well the incept can tolerate things ... things ... things like prolonged stasis lock."

"You're kidding, right? I'm sure he can stand it—he's stood it this long and—"

"—and we don't know if he can stand it much more. I told you Rad; we don't really know much of anything about these otherworlders. If they were here they could tell us, but it looks like they've got other, more important things to do. We can't impose ourselves on them and demand that they come to our world. That would be utter selfishness."

Rad hung his head in a very human-like manner. He'd picked up so many habits from them—this was one of them.

Then he nodded. Agreement, if reluctant.

"Look. I know you promised them, but the Day of Primes is coming, and we'd like to have the incept unveiled for that, if not sooner. That means we take him out of stasis lock, and get him into alt mode. And give him his name. We don't have much time to wait. The Day of Primes is two months away."

Silence hung about them for several minutes, before Pincer resumed.

"It was what we were planning, anyways. To unveil him for the Day of Primes. We've already invited several human dignitaries to come to the event. They agreed to come."

"I don't remember that part of the plan. In fact, I know it wasn't a part of the plan."

What brought this about?

"The Day of Primes is an auspicious day to reveal new life. Why shouldn't we present him to all of Cybertron then?"

"No reason, I just... Well... I thought I'd be notified of such things."

"We were busy. We probably forgot to tell you. The incept isn't the only thing we work on here."

That was true. The notice must have gotten lost in the shuffle.

"Who's coming to the event?"

"Mostly the G7 leaders, plus a few ambassadors, and the Witwicky family. We've also asked the G.I. Joe force to send security to help protect the humans, just in case the Decepticons decide not to honour tradition and pick up their weapons to attack and steal the new Autobot."

"That isn't what I'm worried about. Galvatron has been good on his otherwise dubious word regarding the Day of Primes."

It's the suddenness I'm worried about. This isn't like you, Pincer.

"Either way, we're not taking chances."

More silence.

"What should I tell them? The others?"

"The truth. I think they'll understand more than you think they do about why we're going ahead with this. The incept is functioning normally, the experiment worked. I think that's enough."

"Still wish I could bring them here for it."

"It's just the way things work. You can't always get what you want."

Pincer smiled.

"Don't worry about it; everything will be fine."

Everything would be fine, indeed...
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Autobot Rad: Action Master!
It had been an eventful few weeks. After being shown the pictures of Spike, Sparkplug and Daniel Witwicky in lederhosen [and laughing at them, which was followed by a threat from Spike that he'd never speak to Rad again - a promise that was thankfully not kept], and attending a rather tumultuous Thanksgiving with Carly's parents, Rad was spending time with the Witwickys as they made their way down downtown Portland, with Daniel taking the lead.

It was now the middle of December—almost time for Christmas, and Daniel was quite excited despite the cold, dreary rain that fell down from an equally dreary-and-stone-grey sky. He simply had to stop and look into every toy store window he came across, and it took no small amount of effort to get him to "hurry along now".

Fortunately, Rad had Sparkplug for company, thus leaving the job of keeping Daniel's attention focused to his parents.

"How long now has it been?" asked Sparkplug.

"'How long has it been' since when?" Rad didn't have any idea what Sparkplug was talking about, especially since up until that moment the senior Witwicky was discussing with the Action Master the "over-commercialisation of the Christmas holidays" and "Spike had better not buy Daniel too many toys this year—the boy's got enough of them already".

"Since the incept was incepted. How long has it been now? Has he been given his name and alt mode yet?"

"Huh? Oh. That. Several months, by your planet's time measurements. And no, he hasn't. He's still in stasis."

"Several months? Why not? How come? Shouldn't he be online and being an Autobot by now? I thought you guys wanted to get him up and running as soon as possible."

To say this divergence in the conversation was out of the blue was putting it mildly. Rad had no idea what had brought this on, or why he was discussing this at all. He'd only given Sparkplug a very brief summary of how the incept had come to be, and declared the rest classified.

"We do, Sparkplug, we do. But, well, the other Autobots are busy with their universe's business, and I had work to do in the Axon Quadrant."

"Trouble with the Decepticons, as usual," Sparkplug agreed. "Trying to get their hands on yet another mining operation."

"Which I just got back from, and now I'm discussing classified information with you."

Rad really didn't mean to make it sound as terse as it did, and he tried to apologise when Sparkplug took offence.

"I just wanted to know when I'd get to meet him, that's all," Sparkplug explained hastily. "Especially now that the holiday season is upon us, and everyone is thinking of their families. Thought that you might be thinking the same thing."

Sparkplug's voice trailed off, and he mumbled the last five words, causing Rad to try to figure out what the man had just said.

"Sparkplug Witwicky," Rad began, "We don't have holidays like humans have, and we don't exactly have 'families', either, despite the ''till all are one' prophesy of Optimus Prime. We have some special days, like the Day of Primes, but nothing like Christmas."

Sparkplug nodded, either in agreement or in indication that he was listening to what Rad had said.

"I promised the other Autobots that they would be the first to meet the incept and receive the honour of giving him a name, since he is a product of two universes, and quite possibly a sign assuring them that though their Cybertron is gone, hope remains."

Rad paused, briefly.

"After that, he will be presented to the other Autobots, and I will try to get your name down as a guest of honour, along with the rest of your family. The Witwickys have been some of our staunchest allies, and it would be fitting to invite you to something like that."

Sparkplug looked as though Rad had given him a great honour, which was exactly what Rad had just done.

"But I need to clear this with Rodimus. He'll be inviting a few human dignitaries, and I'm sure he'd understand the reasons why you should be amongst the attendees. A small gesture of thanks for all you've done for us, as a start."

Sparkplug smiled even more than he did momentarily before. "Thanks, Rad. I appreciate that," he said, then, before he could speak again, Spike was calling behind him.

"Hurry up you two; I'm not dragging three children along today!"
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Autobot Rad: Action Master!
"You're kidding, right?"

After having been informed of his "volunteering" to make Daniel Witwicky a costume—and not just any costume; a costume designed to look like Autobot leader Rodimus Prime—this was all Grapple could muster up and say.

"C'mon; it's for Daniel," Rad said, trying to head off at the pass any objections the architect could use. "Besides, you do need a project."

"Costumes are not exactly my first choice for a project..," Grapple said, looking to return to his work. Rodimus wanted Grapple to resume work on the energon mining project, since several of their outposts were running low in said fuel.

"And that makes it a challenge. Surely someone of your talent could come up with a child's costume?"

"They could, providing they don't mind wasting such talents."

Rad wanted to sigh, but he really wanted his fellow Autobot to say "yes".

"Making something to look like Rodimus might be what you need, Grapple. I mean, there's got to be something of use in it. Besides, it's practise in small detail work. We all need it."

"You're just oiling my gears, aren't you?"


There was a long pause. Daniel had rubbed off on Rad, and it was showing now. Rad had a look on his face that he hoped would get Grapple to agree. Sometimes Rad really showed his age.

"Oh, very well. For small, intricate detail work and needed practise I'll do it."

"Thanks. Daniel will be ecstatic."

Rad was pleased. Grapple, on the other hand...

"And I'll never live it down."

"You're kidding, right?"

Spike looked from Carly to Daniel to Sparkplug.

"We're going to Oktoberfest, and we're going in the spirit of the festivities," Carly said with artificial cheer. Spike did not look at all happy to be dressed as he was.

"Lederhosen... I can't believe I have to be dressed in lederhosen..."

Sparkplug exchanged a pained look with his son. He too was wearing his own outfit, complete with said garment. "If it makes you feel better Spike, I had to wear it, too. Carly can be damn persuasive—"

"Dad! Not in front of Daniel!"

"'Damn' is hardly the worst—" Sparkplug started, but was cut off.

"I'm the mother and I'll decide what's a swear word," Carly said heatedly while Daniel giggled. "And you'll not be using it, young man. I have a hard enough time weaning you off of using 'slag' as it is."

The Autobots and their own vernaculum had had an effect on the humans they interracted with on a frequent basis, including their off-colour remarks.

Though, given that their choicer terms were spoken in their native tongue, Carly could be contented with the knowledge that 'slag' was hardly the worst of the lot, and, until humans learned Cybertronian, unlikely to be added to.

Then again, considering her attitude towards 'damn'...

"Why did it have to be lederhosen, Carly?" Spike asked, to break up the tension surrounding them. "Couldn't it have been something else? I look ridiculous in these! And if Buster were to see me like this..."

"Oh, I'm sure I can send him a picture of you in them if you're so worried about Buster missing out..."

More giggling from Daniel.

"Carly!" Spike sputtered, which caused another round of dialogue-choking tension. Tension that lasted what felt like several minutes and was finally broken by Daniel tugging at Spike's shirt.

"C'mon dad! Let's go! We're going to miss the parade! And the schnitzel!"

"Oh, God, why did it have to be lederhosen?"
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Autobot Rad: Action Master!
11 September 2008 @ 10:38 pm
"Rad! Think you can convince mom to let me go as Rodimus Prime for Halloween?"

Daniel didn't even wait until the Autobot was on the doorstep before he came careening into the hallway sounding as though Halloween had come and gone and he was now overloaded on sugar.

"That's a rather complicated costume, don't you think?" came Carly's voice from the kitchen. From the sounds of it, Kelly was there as well, laughing at something alongside Spike from the vicinity of the living room. "It's two weeks away; I'd never get it done in time. Why don't you go as something else? Something I can put together quickly enough?"

There was a pause.


"Aren't you going to let him in?"

Daniel didn't give a reply; he just pouted as he stepped aside and allowed Rad into the house, followed by Lionizer.

"Hey. I'm sure I could get Grapple to make you a costume—if I can convince him not to make it too elaborate."

It only took Daniel a half-second to go from "aw man" to "all right!" as he let out a whoop and tore off into the kitchen, the living room and up to his room, creating quite the racket as he did so.

Daniel was easy to please, and this would cheer up Grapple, given that his latest project was more "bust" than "success".

"I don't know whether I should say 'you shouldn't encourage him' or 'thanks; that'll make things easier', Rad," Carly said, her face reflecting her conflicting moods.

"Hey, it's Halloween, and he's still a kid. Let him have his fun. I'm sure both Daniel and Grapple will appreciate this."

"How is Grapple, anyways?" Carly asked. "He hasn't been this disappointed with a project since the Solar Tower."

Rad winced inwardly. The Constructicons sure didn't help matters at all that day.

"Better, I think. He was really hoping that his invention would minimise the dangers posed to non-Pretenders when mining energon. And, really, it was a brilliant invention. It just hit a few snags because of a couple of bugs in the programming. Mostly it's just convincing him to try again. Just, not right now. A simpler project—like a child's costume—will give him something to do in the meantime."

Speaking of children, in came Daniel, still whooping it up when he was not going "Thanks mom! Thanks Rad!" at the pair of them.

"All right, that's enough. Now, why don't you go upstairs and get ready for bed? It's a school night, remember?"

"Aw mom..," he protested.

"No 'aw moms', young man; it's bedtime now."

Subdued, Daniel headed back up the stairs as though going slower would delay going to sleep.

"You think it'll work?"

"Don't know, but it's worth a try. Might even help him think of how to fix the problems he encountered. Doing something else kind of does that for me. The solution comes to me when I'm not thinking about the problem."

Rad paused.

"And if he doesn't? Well, I'm sure doing something creative for Daniel will make him easier to bear."

Carly nodded.

"So. How about joining us for a movie? It's just about to start."

"Sure. What's playing?"
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Autobot Rad: Action Master!
After delaying it for several months, I'd decided to once again go over old threads to find other mechs Rad has mentioned. I've expanded the list to include all mechs mentioned in a post, even if Rad did not mention them by name himself. So any Transformer or other mechanical race will be included in this list, regardless of if it came up in spoken dialogue or not.

Also, since the list is proving to be rather long, it's best to simply break up the list into parts, create groups of no particular importance, and then go over each one in turn.

Hopefully this venture will be finished soon, as I do need to go over the humans before I forget about the various OCs that have popped up now and then.

PS: Yes, I know I included the Quintessons here. I do not at present have an OOC post regarding alien races posted. When I do, I will add them to that as well [their entry here will remain, though, as they and the Sharkticons are closely linked to each other].

Perceptor: Autobot scientist. Comports himself in a rather "proper" manner, and more often than not, will speak in a very "technical" way, even when using simpler words would be better. It bores others, but they take it well regardless. Is also keen on making new discoveries, and even does the occasional bit of diagnostic work for the medically-trained Autobots [and you thought a microscope alt mode was useless!].

Kup: Old, crotchety Autobot who's seen and done things most bots never get to do, and has been in more wars than just about any other has. Is fond of retelling his heroic exploits [with some embellishments] to other mechs, especially younger ones. The Dinobots are fans of his stories, even if they're old enough to have been there for many of those battles. Some don't share this enthusiasm for old stories, but it's all this experience that makes Kup so invaluable to the Autobots. Kup and Ultra Magnus are both advisors to Rodimus Prime, and when it comes to what a leader ought to do, the two find themselves at odds, as Kup prefers the direct approach, over tact and diplomacy.

Ramhorn: One of the Autobot cassette-formers. He is one of the few Transformers whose robot form is zoomorphic, as opposed to anthropomorphic; taking the form of a rhinoceros when in robot mode. He is extremely belligerant, territorial, and prone to attacking both friend and foe alike if anyone tries to touch that which belongs to him. Also has a considerable temper, and most people know that the best way to deal with it is to give Ramhorn something else to attack, and wait for him to calm down.

Wheeljack: Initially the mun said he was alive, but that status was changed to reflect cartoon/movie canon. Was a scientist, like Perceptor, but unlike Perceptor, was more of an inventor, building all manner of things for the Autobots. Unfortunately, Wheeljack's endeavors had a habit of malfunctioning—usually in some spectacular fashion. Perhaps Wheeljack's most famous-and-infamous projects was the Dinobots. [Though the cartoon treats the Dinobots as "new", I prefer to view them as much older robots, whose bodies may have been severely damaged upon impact on Earth, requiring rebuilding.] After their bodies were completed, the Dinobots were brought online, and subsequently took to wrecking the place, forcing Optimus to demand they be deactivated. Wheeljack disobeyed by creating special devices to control the Dinobots' feral temperaments, but it didn't stop the Dinobots from being as insubordinate on Earth as they were back home. Wheeljack's body was depicted in the movie, but since he was not on the shuttle, it can only be surmised that he was killed in the attack on Autobot City.

Dinobots [in general]: Five Autobots equipped with dinosaur alt modes [even though pterosaurs are not dinosaurs, Swoop was given such an alt mode anyways]. The Dinobots are the guys you call in when you need a heavy hitter, and no one hits harder than a Dinobot. Though depicted in the cartoons as idiotic brutes, the comic depicts them as much more intelligent—or at the very least, much more eloquent. Clannish and prefering their own company to the other Autobots, whom they look down on, it's often a wonder why they're on the team at all. Perhaps their reason is the one Grimlock gave in The War Within: even though they dislike the Autobots, particularly Optimus Prime, they despise the Decepticons more, so it all comes down to who they hate less, and are thus willing to tolerate as a result. Despite this, they've given into mutiny many times, and at one point, Grimlock was in command of the Autobots [this piece of canon will be sorted out eventually].

Jackpot: An Action Master like Rad. Presumably had a car as an alt mode before he was given the Nucleon. As his name implies, Jackpot is a risk-taker, and the greater the risk, the greater the reward. Some might see it as foolish, but no one denies that Jackpot is a very lucky Autobot. He is partnered with the raptor-like [we mean birds of prey, not Dromeosaurs] Target Master Sights.

Skyfall: Also an Action Master. Looks to the skies as the ultimate source of freedom. Due to a mistake made by the mun, he was depicted as much older than his More Than Meets The Eye profile stated [the profile shows him as a young Autobot]. However, this discrepancy will not be changed, now that it's become Millicanon. Skyfall is partnered with Target Master rhino, Top Heavy.

Junkions [in general]: A race of transforming mechs living on the planet known as "Junk", even though the Junk Planet looks more like a broken off piece of a planet than a true planet in its own right. Junkions transform into futuristic-looking [and rather cool, too] motorcycles. Though their habit of "talking TV" makes them appear to be simpletons, Junkions are in fact quite capable—even durable—warriors, who will simply put themselves back together and rejoin the fight until the enemy is overwhelmed. Can be a bit territorial as well as naive, but they're good friends and allies to have on your side.

Ultra Magnus: As Magnus will tell you, he's just a soldier, prefering to leave the job of giving orders to others. But when he has to take on a leadership role, he proves himself to be a very capable leader in his own right. Only his modesty [and perhaps a hint of self-depreciation] keeps him from taking on any kind of real leadership. Like Kup, he is one of Rodimus Prime's advisors, insisting that the young leader think before acting, and using strategy rather than an impulsive direct approach in the battle against the Decepticons.

Springer: Triple changer, Springer has a sarcastic speaking tone, and is a member of the Autobot group the Wreckers; a team of mercenaries you call in when it looks like all hope is lost. Can be quite opinionated, and feels no reason to not speak his mind, even if doing so could be seen as an act of insubordination if it's aimed at a superior. Surprisingly, he gets away with it, which seems to encourage him to keep doing it. Then again, when you're one of the Wreckers, and your job is often a dirty one, it's pretty much to be expected.

Starscream: A very old mech, he was a member of [and quite possibly their leader] the Decepticon squadron known as the "Seekers"; namely, a group of Decepticons with identical aircraft alt modes [though those that ended up on Earth adopted Terran fighter jets for alt modes], with only their colour scheme to tell them apart from one another. Starscream was Megatron's second-in-command, but was never content to be just that. His deceit, cunning and treachery are legendary, and his name has subsequently become synonymous with these character traits. Sly, scheming, yet cowardly, he often overestimated himself while underestimating his opponents, leading himself to defeat many a time. He was also highly opportunistic, and, after the battle at Autobot City had left Megatron severely injured, he took Astrotrain's request to "lighten the load" as his moment to dispose of his commander by jettisoning Megatron into space, and claiming the now-vacant title as his own. It wasn't to last, because after being reformatted, the now-Galvatron took his revenge against his upstart second-in-command by electrocuting Starscream to death. Later, it would turn out that Starscream had an abberant spark, effectively making the Seeker immortal if not corporeal.

Sky Lynx: Arrogant to a fault, and even that would be seen as a plus. Sky Lynx thinks very much of himself and will make sure you and everyone else knows it, too. Often given to bouts of self-praise, Sky Lynx somehow manages to work himself into every subject no matter how unrelated it is to him. For all his braggadocio, however, Sky Lynx is a very capable warrior, even single-handedly taking on and besting the Predacons, even when the Decepticon gestalt team linked up to form Predaking. Unfortunately, this serves only to make him even more unsufferably smug and arrogant. Only his much-hyped talents seem to be what keeps him on the team. Commander Modesty indeed.

Quintessons [in general]: A race of untransforming mechanoids, the Quintessons are a cruel people, given to torture and a barbaric form of justice; namely, that regardless of the verdict, the defendant is always executed. Pity and mercy are unknown to them. Though the five-faced Quintesson is the best-known [these are known as "judges"], other forms exist too. They are treacherous, calculating and merciless, even condemning one of their own to death for being unable to best the Autobots. They would even go so far as to destroy their own home simply to destroy the Autobots and their Matrix of Leadership.

Sharkticons [in general]: Though most people think of the shark-formed robots, it is arguable that the alligator-moded robots are part of this group as well. Savage to the extreme, they exist only to serve the Quintessons as the executioners of those hapless mechs who have the misfortune of ending up on Quintessa [the Quintesson home world]. Though they are easily destroyed, they are many, and overwhelm their opponents through numbers alone. Even thier Quintesson masters are afraid of them.

Pretenders [in general]: Simply put, a Pretender is any mech with a synthetic organic outer shell. The shell can be made to look like anything alive, though the Autobots prefer to give their Pretenders humanoid shells, whereas the Decepticons prefer monsterous shells. The exceptions to this rule are the beast pretenders [whose outer shells are zoomorphic replicas of their robotic animal alt modes], the so-called "Classic Pretenders" [of which Starscream is a member—yes we know that defies a lot of logic, but...], and individuals like the Autobot Longtooth and Decepticon Stranglehold. The main purpose for Pretender technology was to create disguises [to varying degrees of relative effectiveness], but other uses became apparent, chief amongst them being the fact that a Pretender and his shell made for two warriors in one, as well as the shell itself serving as a suit of armour for the mech himself. It has been hinted in Dreamwave's More Than Meets The Eye that Pretender technology eventually led to Beast Wars technology.

Fortress Maximus: Autobot Headmaster and extremely well-named. His size is nothing short of impressive [he really does look like a fortress], and though he initially started out like all the other Headmasters, upgrades to his body lead him to the unique trait where his own head was also a Headmaster [the binary-bonded individual would link up with that unit, transform, and then together would form Fort Max' head]. Despite being built for combat, Fortress Maximus despises war, and even fled Cybertron with other "Cyber-hippies" to a distant planet called Nebulos, which was home to a race of people indistinguishable from Earth humans, and had for thousands of years been a peaceful planet. Unfortunately the war Fort Max tried to escape followed him to his new home, and, after allying with several Nebulans, he and Scorponok agreed to take their combat elsewhere, rather than destroy the peace the Nebulans had worked so hard and so long to achieve. In the comics he was binary-bonded to Spike Witwicky [after his Nebulan partner had died], but we're not sure how to work that one out yet.

Cyclonus: Galvatron's "lap dog". Unwaveringly loyal to Galvatron, his only purpose it seems is to uphold the glory of his leader and to carry out the Decepticon cause. And it's this dedication that makes him a vicious warrior in the Decepticon army, aided in no small way by his being one of the deactivated Decepticons thrown out of Astrotrain en route to Cybertron that was restored and upgraded by Unicron. While Galvatron was often contentious towards his master, Cyclonus was quite loyal, viewing both Galvatron and Unicron as leader and master respectively. Unlike Galvatron, the destruction of Unicron's body in the movie did not seem to cause any permanent damage to his mental circuits. Why this is remains a mystery, but what is not a mystery is that though he's a "lap dog", he's a very ferocious lap dog. Autobots beware.
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Autobot Rad: Action Master!
19 May 2008 @ 08:15 pm
"You betcha!" was the response. As promised, Rad had stopped by the house belonging to Kelly Rose, Carly's sister.

Also, as predicted, she had an armload of small parcels full of seeds.

Kelly. Enthusiastic gardener. Naturally, being one of those organic, vegetarian health food freaks that everyone thinks about when they think about the kind of person who shops at Whole Foods exclusively.

"Here's the instructions for their care Rad, and..."

Kelly bustled off somewhere momentarily, then came back with what had to be a small novella devoted to organic gardening.

"Um, where they're going, I don't think that'll be necessary..," he said, eying the manual.

"Nonsense. Anyone new to gardening needs to know these things. You want to grow a garden the right way—" Here, of course, she meant in the eco-friendly way. "—you need 'The Complete Vegetable & Herb Gardener'."

And deposited said book onto the small pile of boxes Rad was trying to arrange to make them easier to carry.

"Kelly, I don't think you understand. Where these seeds are going, is not an organic world."

Kelly looked shocked. "Then how do they plan to grow them?"

"Honestly? I don't know. But they're going to a world that's nothing like Earth."

"Where then?" Kelly had a dangerous look in her eyes. Non-organic worlds? That's an affront to nature, isn't it?

"A computer world. They're for a newly-bonded pair of sprites named Bob and Dot. Dot wants them to grow a digital garden in her world because she wants salads."

"Really..." Kelly's tone was skeptical. In addition to being your stereotypical organic-only foodie, she was something of a "deep environmentalist" too. "And I suppose they plan to use 'computer-based' pesticides too?"

Kelly was looking like she was about to take everything back, and refuse to give Rad even a single seed.

"Just for whatever viruses affect digital plants." Oh no. Say something! "The programs are repellants only, I assure you. They're not designed to delete anything. Bob's a guardian. 'Mend and defend'. I don't think deletion's in his programming."

Something of lie, but he was hoping she'd buy it.

What felt like fifteen minutes was in reality fifteen seconds.

"Okay. But. You'd better make sure that the anti-virus ... program thingies ... really are 'repellants' and don't harm whatever passes for an environment in their world..."

Oh thank Primus...

"...or I'll be using your head for a scarecrow..."

She b— What?!

He looked surprised.

"I'm totally serious, you know. I'll not abide by anything I own hurting nature."

Yeah. Deep ecology nut, she was. But she meant well. Kelly was a first-class gardener. And her cooking was the talk of everyone in her neighbourhood, according to Carly.

So he wasn't about to fault her for anything save being a little too enthusiastic about something he himself could fundamentally agree with.

"Right. Understood. And thanks Kelly."

Kelly gave Rad one of her winning smiles.

"Don't mention it. Oh. And tell Bob and Dot I said 'hi'?"
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